5 Gallon Buckets

Our popular, high quality, durable 5 gallon buckets come in a variety of colors. Wire bale handles with plastic grips. No measurement markings. Wash before use. Matching lids for purchase separately. Lids also available with spouts.


Per Bucket Price.

5 Gallon Buckets


Our 5 gallon buckets are sturdy and come in a variety of colors. We also offer color blends called “Blem.” The Blem is a blend of colors from the end of the line production. Blem products provide cost savings on per bucket pricing with the same great quality of our regular color buckets.

Lids may be purchased separately. Check out our lids for 5 gallon buckets here. We also offer 5 gallon bucket lids with spouts

Wash prior to first use. View Spec Sheet

Per Pallet Volume

Buckets and lids are sold separately, however, they can be palletized together. Pallet size is adjusted to fewer buckets per pallet when combining buckets and lids in a single pallet. Contact us for additional options for palletization and shipping.

    • 252 buckets per pallet
    • 180 buckets and lids per pallet


    • Height: 14.515″
    • Outside Diameter: 12″ Top / 10.6″ Bottom

Temperature Range

    • Filled Container – 0 – 180℉
    • Filling Container – 40 – 180℉


    • Wire bale handle with plastic roller grip
    • No measurement markings


    • Washing prior to use with food is recommended
    • Lids are available to purchase separately for this item
    • Not sterile
    • Not UN rated
    • Not DOT approved
    • **The dye used in these is approved by the FDA for food grade material and are BPA free except for black, and blem**

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Beige, Black, Blem, Brown, Chevron Blue, Gray, Green, Lime Green, Natural, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White, Yellow


1-4 pallets, 5-7 pallets, 8+ pallets, Truckload