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Soap and Cosmetic Manufacturers
Home Remodel and Painting
Construction and Concrete Work
Oil and Gas
Food Service
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Reasons To Buy Direct

Quality Processes

Our buckets are made with FDA compliant resins, making us a key manufacturer of buckets, pails and containers for many industries. Our quality processes ensure consistent, reliable, long-lasting buckets for construction, oil and gas, soap and cosmetic manufacturers, home remodel, painters and more. Our latest clients include businesses in the growing beekeeping industry. We offer buckets with and without lids depending on your purpose and needs.

Fast Turnaround, Prompt Shipping

We are centrally located in the heartland of America. This enables us to ship throughout the U.S. quickly. Let us have the opportunity to deliver your buckets on time. Our personal service ensures your order is handled properly and promptly.

Low Prices on Buckets, Lids, Containers, Pails

Whether a bucket, lid, container or pail, we offer the best quality product at the right price for pallet purchases. Affordable American Containers, run by DKM Manufacturing, is your place to purchase pallet size and larger volumes of buckets and lids. Buying direct from the manufacturer allows for buik purchases and lower costs. In addition to lower costs, you get more variety and quality product. 

Colors, Shapes and Sizes

Buying direct means a greater variety of colors, shapes, and sizes of buckets, containers and pails. Our multi-use buckets and pails come in cylindrical and square shapes. Our large variety of colors include several options of greens and blues along with red, yellow, orange, purple, pink, white, brown, black and more.  We also offer color blends called “Blem.”  Blem is a blend of colors from the end of the line production. Blem products provide cost savings on per bucket pricing with the same great quality of our regular color buckets.

Ability to Purchase Buckets and Lids Separately

We serve a wide variety of industries. Some require lids and some do not. To provide the best pricing and service, we sell our buckets and lids separately. So if you need lids, remember to let us know and we’ll add that to your bid.

Don’t Need a Pallet or More of Buckets? 

Tailored to meet a variety of customer needs for bulk purchasing, DKM setup a sister site for smaller volume purchasing. In addition to purchasings less than pallet size volume, Affordable Buckets provides options like thermal transfer labeling.