New Site Launch

Welcome to DKM Manufacturing’s new Affordable American Containers website. The site’s been online for a few years, but we’ve given it a little facelift and added some convenient functions:

  • Request For Quote Form – We placed a new Request for Quote form for customers who already know what they want and are in a hurry. No login needed to just open the site, select to use the Quote Request Form, make your selections, and send!
  • Shop and Add To Quote. If you need to shop our buckets and lids, please do! We have now organized our buckets to make you click less, but view more options. 
  • Price List – We added a price list page that shows you a table of our buckets and lids, their options and price range. Ordering cannot be initiated from the price list page but this gives you an overview of all our available items. 
  • Direct link to for less than pallet size orders. We know not everyone needs a pallet or more of buckets, so we are including a link to our partner site up front, and easy to find. 

We aim to make your experience as painless and convenient as possible so you can focus on running your business! Thank you for visiting the new Affordable American Containers website.