What is Blem?

stack of blem buckets
Blem product packaged for delivery.

Blem is our less than perfect color product. Blem containers and lids are the first or last run of a color cycle. They come out with a blend of colors. Buckets and lids with bleed or a combination of colors that make them unique equal our Blem product. Some colors are very close to the exact color, but a touch too light or too dark.

Because we are so picky, no imperfect color matched buckets go out the door with a normal order. That leaves us with spare product at the end of a run. The items that fail our stringent quality color review still pass all other quality reviews. Odd colorations do not impact quality of our product, but we don’t like to be wasteful. And it would be a waste to just throw them away. So we sell them at a discounted rate.

Odd Colors = Savings

If your business can benefit from discounted prices and you don’t need perfect color, then check out our Blem products. If you are unsure and want to compare, then let us know!

Our new quote request forms have comment sections. To get a quote that compares this less-than-perfect color with a regular color, let us know. Blem product is an additional way to keep costs under control while still getting quality product and service.

Fill out your bucket request today and indicate you want the Blem color!