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Dip and Roll Buckets

Dip and Roll bucket Insert in White bucket Dip and Roll Bucket Insert Inside Red Bucket

Dip and Roll Bucket inserts are the “world’s first fully integrated mini-roller painting system.” Using the Dip-n-Roll product reduces drips, maintains your paint bucket balance and is reusable.

The Dip and Roll Bucket inserts pair with our 2-gallon buckets. You can purchase them wholesale direct from our partner, Progressive Products, LLC. Progressive Products manufactures the Dip-n-Roll bucket insert here in the U.S.

Dip-n-Roll products are shown here to help you partner them with your selected bucket products. Select this link to redirect your session to their ordering site on Amazon.

If you require immediate assistance, contact Progressive Products, LLC, manufacturer of the Dip-N-Roll at:

P: 203-738-9090

E: progressiveproductsllc@comcast.net